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Bayo Morgan

Bayo Morgan is a Videographer, Photographer and overall creative. We spoke to Bayo about his influences, journey, creative processes, working with Giveon and much more.

LS: The quality of your Videography & Photography speaks for itself but how did you first get into both and has your creative side always been there or rather developed through time?

BM: Photography came first for me. My friends and I would hang out from sunrise to sundown. I would bring my camera to shoot but never show anyone. I wasn't good but it didn't matter, it gave me something to do. Videography came shortly after when a friend introduced me to someone who did music but had no catalogue of videos. This was a win-win situation, his videos were free and I could learn something that was foreign to me without having high expectations.

My creative side definitely came later in life. Growing up I felt that not knowing how to draw meant I wasn't creative. All I really thought about was basketball, video games, and shoes. As I got older and got to experience new things it sparked a creative interest in me.

LS :Your Content has a really unique style to it from the colouring to the shot selection and overall aesthetic, has anyone inspired the style you create with today.

BM: My mom definitely inspires my style. She always made the best out of any situation. You don’t need much to create a piece of work you’re proud of.

If I'm proud of something and put it out, then like minded people will feel the same way. I try to display that in my work. A lot of the locations we choose to shoot aren’t extravagant but it fits.

"He trusts my angles and movements which makes it easy for me to freestyle it. I think we shot “The Beach” in 15-20 mins".

LS: One of you’re more notable projects is the content shot with Giveon, How did that opportunity come about?

BM: We worked at Bubba Gump together and became good friends. He used to throw little shows around Long Beach. Our coworkers & friends would buy tickets and support him. I was just starting off with pictures then but he trusted me to shoot him. When the time came he asked me to shoot his acoustic videos. I'm glad people enjoyed them!

LS: When shooting with an Artist Like Giveon, given his unique style and aesthetic too, what’s the creative process like in achieving the stunning shots you took.

BM: Our creative process is just knowing what each other's strengths are. Being familiar with how Giv performs at his shows I know he’s comfortable in front of the camera.

I don't really have to direct him.

He trusts my angles and movements which makes it easy for me to freestyle it. I think we shot “The Beach” in 15-20 mins.

LS: From the many projects you’ve been a part of which one would you say stuck out to you as your favourite and why?

BM: One project that stuck out to me is a music video we did for HeyDeon called “Nothing 2 Prove”. Most of my videos at that point were run and gun. This time was different. We actually prepared for it. From sitting down in my living room brainstorming ideas with Deon to practicing the bike scene ahead of time with my friends. We also used my old whip for that shoot. I have a picture of us that day that’s definitely getting framed!

What advice would you give to younger content creators coming up and trying to find their style

Don't force it. Art is subjective, people will love your work and others will hate it. Don't base your style off of validation. Put out things you're proud of and strive to be a better you.

LS: Finally, What are your plans for the future in relation to the work you do and is there anything we and the readers should be keeping an eye out for?

BM: I started a collective with Leota & Whest called LAKEWOODMALL. We’re working on some projects that I think you guys would love. Music videos, short films, skits, commercials, clothing etc. ​It’s a place where we can work on anything we want at any time we want to. Passion projects are important! Don’t let what you love to do turn into just a Job

Oh and LEOTA’S album drops first quarter of 2021 but until then stream “Grab A Jacket, It’s Raining!”



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